Our Vision

our tools and services help universities and corporations by enabling search for people and understanding of organizations across interfaces


Describe and search for people by knowledge, skills and connections



Blend and structure data from internal and external sources



Our experts will help your organization experience success in working with information about people



We are always adding to our capabilities and applying them in new areas


Corporate / University Interfaces

The relationship between corporations and universities serves an essential purpose: encouraging cooperation and the exchange of knowledge. Corporations rely on universities as a source of both up-and-coming talent and technology, as well as valuable insight available through faculty expertise. Universities love to see graduating students move on to productive careers while maintaining a connection to their alma mater as alumni.

In order to be successful, universities need good information about their people, both student and faculty, as well as an understanding of their own internal structure. Corporations need powerful tools to find particular expertise, be it searching for students to fill open positions, or for faculty to assist with a new project. Both sides need good communication and a consistent vocabulary to ensure mutual understanding and success.

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Why Choose Us

  • Powerful Tools for Finding Expertise

    kGrove integrates your information into a comprehensive search environment, helping you find the right people via searching by knowledge and organization. This includes people inside your organization, and people at universities you rely on.

  • Essential Service Offerings

    kGrove streamlines your workflow by blending data from many sources, both internal and external, into a consistent structure with relationships and connections preserved. We can also recommend organizational strategies and best practices.

  • The kGrove Team

    Our team has experience on both the university and corporate sides of the conversation, and we understand frequently expressed needs and address the pain points that are typical to this engagement process.

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